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Cabrales – whole truckle


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Cabrales cheese is produced only in the village of the same name and three villages of the Peñamellera Alta township, located on the northern spur of the Europa Peaks in eastern Asturias. It is produced in limited quantities, using traditional farmhouse methods, in small family-run dairies of the township. Raw milk, mainly cow’s milk, is used to produce it. However, as most farmers keep mixed herds, blends with goat’s and ewe’s milks are used in the spring and summer.  There is a slow aging process continues in local caves, under cold, oxygenated and very humid conditions. The cheeses are turned periodically until the paste has been completely grown with mould, acquiring its deep blue veining and resulting in a thick texture with the characteristic creamy and piquant flavour.


The strongest blue cheese in the world. Governed by a D.O.P. Strong aroma, creamy texture and mouoth burning flavour that sucks the moisture from the back of your tongue. Fabulously piquant, this is great on its own, with a fruit jelly or sweet dessert wine or sherry.

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