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Santa Gadea Black – whole truckle


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Made from organic unpasteurised goat’s milk with a soft and creamy texture on the inside, and a firm texture on the outside. Slowly fermented with aromatic, fresh and mild flavours

Alfonso’s 2000 acre Santa Gadea farm has 1000 goats roaming free. Just for a little space. A large barn holds the milking parlour and the goat’s sleeping digs with a French design (they’re French goats and Alfonso didn’t want any homesickness).

The goats feed on Alfonso’s own crops (GM, chemical-herbicide-and-fertilizer free) which produces rich, organic milk. All while taking care of the local wildlife by planting over 100,000 trees and only using energy from windmills and solar panels.


Firm organic goat cheese. Slowly fermented with aromatic, fresh and mild flavours, it does nicely in a sandwich or pizza.

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