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To book at either of our restaurants, use the relevant booking form below.  Be careful and make sure you choose the correct one!  On a mobile phone, you will need to scroll down to reach Lunyalita.  If there is no availability, that date or time slot will not show.  Bookings of 8 or more must be made by calling the restaurant. Scroll right down to read our terms and conditions, 

Book Lunya, Hanover St

55 Hanover Street, Liverpool One,  Liverpool, L1 3DN

Book Lunyalita, Albert Dock

Lunyalita, Royal Albert Dock, Liverpool, L3 4AD

Booking terms and conditions

Due to the high number of no-shows and the devastating financial impact this has on our business, all bookings are now required to leave credit card details.  These are secured safely by our card processing bank. If you no-show, cancel within 24 hours of your booking or reduce your numbers within 24 hours, a £10 per person charge will be automatically applied to your card.  If you need to cancel, your email or text confirmation has an easy button in which to do so.  Please respect these rules, for the benefit of Lunya and other guests.  Also, please note that we only accept card payments, now.  No cash.  Thank you.