Cook at Home Food

We now make a range of meals which we either refrigerate or freeze and make a number of cook at home tapas kits (both frozen and refrigerated),  plus a fabulous range of canapes and tapitas. You will receive the products with full ingredient and allergen labelling and reheat/cook instructions.

Meals either come in a foil tray, plastic tray or vac-pac bag – portion size, they are similar in size to main course foil trays you get in Chinese take-aways

We have selected existing menu items which travel well and are good to reheat/cook – bigger portions to fit in the trays. We have also added a range of new comfort food dishes, all recipes that Peter grew up with from his mum (Joan, Peter’s mum was and still is a fantastic cook), we hope you enjoy them as much as he did when growing up. All very modestly priced – definitely not restaurant prices.

Recreate your own tapas banquet at home – don’t forget to add some wine, beer and your deli favourites.