We are a fabulous Catalonian Deli, Restaurant and Bar in the heart Liverpool, recreating the very best of Catalan and Spanish food, dining culture and vibe and passion for eating wonderful food and drinking fabulous wines and much more. We are also the largest Spanish online food and drink store in the UK

We want Lunya to be a place where anyone who loves good food and drink feels as though they belong. We want people to feel as comfortable when they are eating or drinking here as they would do at home. Like all great restaurants in Spain, we want to be a place where you can come dressed up or casual, however you want. Whether you are a binman, politician, pensioner, mums with babies, stockbroker, everyone belongs and people come here because we are all about the food and drink and a great social environment.

We source the finest artisan Catalan and Spanish ingredients and the highest quality local fresh ingredients to produce the most authentic deli around and the finest restaurant in Liverpool. In addition, we provide a breakfast and hamper delivery service to serviced apartments in the city centre and provide a full online deli service across the UK, with boardroom catering throughout Liverpool City Region.

Our deli is a temple to stunning Catalan and Spanish food and drink (with the odd other bit of local produce or international produce if we think it fills a gap or complements our Spanish food); but it’s a temple for the people – no hushed silences, it’s a delightful range of sights, aromas, things to pick up and look at (and hopefully buy) and pretty much everything available to taste – everything from our beautiful own made sourdough bread to a bottle of take-out-a-second-mortgage Pingus 2004.

We strive for perfection, but as human beings never quite get there, as we always believe we can do better. We source the very best of everything we can – not a cliché, but a guiding force to everything we do, and we really mean it. We really do have the very best of everything food and drink wise from Spain – and continue to add anything we find which we think fits the bill. We source our fish, meat and vegetables from source, or as close to the source as possible, using local butchers, fishmongers and farmers who are either the best in the UK, or close to it. We personally go to Spain to source pretty much everything we have. Before we opened, every month, Peter would head off to a different region to meet farmers, cheese makers, fishermen, ham curers etc to find the very best he could; we both still do that, but sadly not as often as we used to – but we’re working on that!

We are Peter and Elaine Kinsella, the owners of Lunya. We have created something partly to give us the very best environment we can work and spend our time where Peter can prepare food, talk about food, see it, smell it (occasionally eat some of it), Elaine can spread her natural charm and loveliness, but most of all share our passion for food and drink with anyone who cares to drop by. We have spent my life winging it; for years many people thought I knew everything there was to know about community services for disabled people (I didn’t), but managed to make a living working with governments, services and families through my own consultancy, Paradigm – this gave Peter his first introduction to Spain when he did a piece of work in Barcelona. Lunya is very much a partnership.  Now we are past our difficult early years during the recession, Elaine has been able to leave her Psychologists job (although she still does some work through her company Ronda Psychology) and work full time at Lunya (everywhere, except the kitchen!) and develop the business further.

Now we are the very proud owners of Lunya  and Lunyalita- learning every day. A suppressed chef all his life, a love of food all their lives (that’s how they fell in love!) and a desire and promise before we got too old that we would abandon everything we were reasonably good at and really loved to do to try our hand at something which is our absolute passion and hopefully see out our working days doing. We sold everything (properly everything), practised at food festivals (5 food festivals) and in March 2010 opened Lunya, a 180 cover restaurant and the UK’s largest Spanish deli. Madness on many levels, but 5 years in, we’re still here and doing alright. We’ve won lots of local and regional awards; most people on TripAdvisor say nice things about us, and we now have tens of thousands of repeat customers who treat Lunya like their second home and Elaine and Peter as their lifelong friend (but often, with our own advancing years, we can never remember their names – some friends!).

In October 2015, we opened the second Lunya in Manchester, in the fabulous 19th Century Barton Arcade in Deansgate – a real Catalonian Deli, Restaurant & Bar for Manchester which is now closed – sadly a casualty of COVID19 in the spring 2020.

In October 2017, we moved premises in Liverpool, just two doors down.  We are now on the corner of College Lane & Hanover Street – directly opposite Radio Merseyside.  Our new site is all on the ground floor and completely accessible.

And in July 2018, Lunyalita opened in Albert Dock, Liverpool, a smaller  version of Lunya recreating the intimacy of our old bar in College Lane.  Read more here

Often we host a wonderful Gourmet food and wine night featuring the very best of Catalan and Spanish cooking and wine brought together in a one off uniquely paired menu. Just check out our events page for full details. Our restaurant can be booked in whole or just a part of it for corporate events, weddings, christenings and other occasions. Contact us for more details.

We are right in the heart of Liverpool city centre in Liverpool One in the glorious Albert Dock in Liverpool. Come and pay us a visit!

Peter & Elaine