Our Ethos

‘Passion on a plate’ is our motto.

We have a few simple but very important aims:our-ethos_1267627019

  • To source the best possible ingredients from Spain, of the very highest quality, and using small family artisan farmers and suppliers wherever we can.
  • To source local fresh meat, vegetables and other foods from farmers and suppliers as close to Liverpool as possible
  • To always know where our food has come from and the people who produce it, wherever possible knowing the breed of meat or variety of vegetable – the provenance of our food is really important to us
  • To provide exceptional service, based around each of our customers and provide the real meaning of hospitality
  • To be an exemplary local business, using local suppliers wherever we can and contributing to the community of which we are part
  • To be a fantastic employer – passionately believing if we treat our staff really well, trust and respect them, and give them opportunities to grow and develop, they will stay a long time, be wonderful work colleagues and provide the best possible service. Everyone who works for us has a say in what we do and how we do it – everyone matters.
  • Being generous in everything we do – we are a strong believer in what goes around comes around, and want to be known for our random and many acts of generosity
  • Most of all, we believe that our food and service should do the talking. Whilst we have a beautiful restaurant and deli, we don’t want you to remember the floor, the lighting or decoration. We want our customers going away incredibly pleased with a biding memory of the great food and superb, unobtrusive service.