Our Suppliers

From our experience, lovely people produce lovely food – there’s a link!  We use a broad range of artisan food producers and passionate importers.  These include:

Queseria Vicente Pastor from Zamora, producing exquisite cheese from pure bred Castellano sheep, Casa Riera Ordeix, the oldest and best Salchichon maker in Spain, a 6th generation family firm from Vic

Plus many more…

We have spent 10 years visiting thousands of farmers, cheese-makers, fishermen and women, meat curers, food producers, bakers, wine makers all over Spain to personally source the products we want in the deli and restaurant.  Sometimes our visits are just wild goose chases, driving around the countryside and finding little of interest, but more often, we discover real gems and get to really understand the story behind our food, the people who grow or make it and the land it’s from.  A load of misleading tosh is so often spouted about the sourcing of food (‘carefully sourced’ often being a euphemism for looking through a catalogue).  We have done it properly and made sure we have the very best that Catalunya and Spain has to offer.  Peter has sacrificed his body in eating his way around Spain, but all for the good of our customers – over 150 different chorizos were eaten before we settled on our glorious cooking chorizo.  we continue to do this today, visiting Spain on the trail of new producers or discovering an old one whom we missed on previous journeys.  we love doing this and will never stop.

More locally, our meat, fish and vegetables, again are carefully selected.  In Liverpool, the fabulous Edge butchers and Wards fishmongers supply our meat and fish – the very best you can get in the UK.  If we can get it local and it’s exceptional, we will get it.  We’re obsessive about getting it right.  We change our potatoes 6 times a year – pursuing the very best frying potato.