Rodriguez Reserva Serrano Ham – whole leg


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Rodriguez Reserva Serrano Ham – whole leg. A superb quality serrano ham with a glorious savoury flavour and the texture of a well cured ham. Served in our restaurants, this is a fabulous product. It is a million miles away from the poor quality, ‘cheap’ ham that you see in UK supermarkets.

In Leon (Spain), for more than a century, Rodriguez’s speciality has been quality cold meats and pork products.

In 1910, their family business, Tradición S.L., got its start in La Bañeza. At that time, their aim was to provide quality raw materials, adding the slaughterhouse and the cutting room to their production process at later dates.

Between Paramo and the Sierra del Teleno Mountain Range, in the “Tierra de la Bañeza” Region of the south of León, Rodriguez have unbeatable climate conditions for natural drying. Their modern facilities and advanced technology allow the products to maintain their unmatched difference over the rest.

Their hams house more than a century of tradition amongst their flavours. With no preservatives or additives, Rodríguez hams have the nutritional value of a totally natural food that is rich in proteins and vitamin B1, as well as iron, magnesium, and zinc.

Some of their certifications are Consorcio Serrano (seal of quality that certifies that Serrano ham meets the high standards set by the Spanish Serrano Ham Consortium) and Jamón Serrano T.S.G.: The Traditional Specialty Guaranteed European Certification (this certification protects the “Serrano Ham” denomination).


Whole Reserva Serrano Ham leg cured for up to 12 months in Leon by charcuterie specialist Rodriguez.

Approx 6.5-7.5Kg

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Product Size: 6.5-7.5kg