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Cecina (sliced) 100g


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Cecina de Leon from Embutidos Entrepeñas has been certified for many years as a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) and is very well-known and appreciated in Spain and abroad. Each and every meat part used in the production process is certified with the quality mark awarded thanks to the approval of all requirements in the regulation by the regulatory council of “Cecina de Leon”, which monitors the compliance with the regulation.

However, Entrepeñas is not satisfied with the checks carried out by the regulatory Council but has developed an internal protocol to ensure that the unique quality of its Spanish beef ham.  Their Cecina de Leon is made from the best hind legs of mature cattle, preferably from the autochthonous races from Castille and Leon and undergoes a unique production process in Spain and internationally. Entrepeñas’ production process begins with an intense and careful selection of the best beef, chosen from the most outstanding breeders, in accordance with the current rules on food safety and animal health. From the hind legs of the carefully selected cattles four parts are separated in order to obtain, after a long and completely natural curing process of 7 to 22 months, their best Cecina de Leon Entrepeñas.


Similar to Breseola but oh, so much better. Taken from the large cut off the rear leg, the meat is first salted, then smoked over oak chips for 3 weeks before being air dried for at least 7 months. This is tender, flavoursome smoky beef; crimson in the middle, and just perfect to eat, A great addition to your charcuterie board. Produced by one of Spain’s best cecina producer, Entrepenas of Leon. This is a 100g pack of sliced cecina

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