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Hand Carved Reserva Serrano Ham – per 100g


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Rodriguez Serranos a product made in a traditional way in an enclosed geographical surrounding which gives it characteristics and qualities that make it unique.

The production area for the Rodriguez Jamon is outside Leon and is a natural environment where factors such as altitude, temperature and humidity, amongst others, combine to give the product the unique qualities which have traditionally characterised it.

The production process is done in a traditional way and ham is cured naturally.

This ham is stamped by the Consorcio for Serrano ham,  All of the companies listed on the register have specific curing and ageing facilities for the products. They have an adequate ventilation system, which prevents drafts and ensures fresh renovation of air.

They must meet the conditions that guarantee the correct ageing of the product in a natural environment. Both the listed companies and the products themselves are subject to strict quality controls throughout the process.


Hand carved from the leg by our expert cortador. Quite simply, this is the very best Serrano ham in the whole of Spain. Cured for nearly 2 years months by the expert craftsmen and women of Tradition 1862, who have been curing hams for over 150 years. They are artisans using traditional curing techniques to develop an excellent depth of flavour, Trevelez is the highest ham curing village in the whole of Spain and widely recognised to be the best Serrano ham.

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