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Whole Large Salchichon de Vic – 1Kg


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This Salchichon has been produced by Casa Riera d’Ordeix for over 150 years.

The region around the city of Vic (Barcelona) has long been associated with pig husbandry and its elevation, and humid climate has made the town famous for its charcuterie, specifically salchichones.

Still cured in the original drying rooms, the Casa Riera salchichones are full-flavoured, with an excellent balance of lean and fat and a long, clean finish. This means that the sausages cure slowly, allowing flavours to develop fully. Micro cultures grow on the rind, which is unique to the region and give the sausages an individual flavour.


Salchichon is similar in style to the best quality Italian Salami, although less fatty.

The main ingredient is best quality leg meat, mixed with some belly pork for flavour, salt and black pepper;  this is unusual as sausages are usually made from lower-quality cuts. The sausages are cured traditionally in louvred chambers, benefitting from the special Vic (Barcelona) climate.

Approx 600g piece

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