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Bonito Tuna Flakes in vegetable oil (900g)


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Stunning bonito tuna flakes in vegetable oil.

Arroyabe is a one of the very best artisan conservas (fish curing) companies from the Basque region, famed for its firm, flavourful tuna. Each tuna is line caught by hand, preserving the texture and flavour that can be damaged by the stress of harvesting by net. Coleman Andrews, the Editor-in Chief of “Saveur Magazine”, writes that Bonito tuna is “one of the great gastronomic pleasures of every day life.” It is completely different the water-packed tuna flakes you get at the supermarket.


These are fabulous flakes (migas) of Bonito tuna, ideal for cooking with or using in salads. All of the flavour and quality of Bonito is there; from Arroyabe in the Basque country. 590g drained weight

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Product Size: 900g net weight