Morcilla With Onions


This beautiful morcilla (Spanish black pudding) is made with red wine and onions, by a wonderful embutido maker in Barcelona. The sausage is fragrant and has a supeb soft, crumbly texture. 6 pieces per pack.

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Like the UK, Spain has many regional variations of black pudding, known as morcilla in Spanish. This Catalan variety is a soft type, made to be cooked, and contains a good quantity of onion, giving it a pleasant sweetness.

The cocktail sized puddings can be fried, grilled, baked or poached or cooked down to give texture to casseroles.

Catalana de Embutidos have been producing a wide variety of pork products for over 60 years in Catalunya, to the north of Barcelona. Sourcing all their meat from a single supplier and maintaining the highest standards of technical excellence, they produce high quality, consistent, chorizos and morcilla.

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