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Morcilla Pate


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Conservas Arbeyal is a newly created company which, on the other hand, inherits a long ready made food canning tradition. Up to recently being integrated with Conservas Agromar, it has managed to consolidate itself as an independent leading brand thanks to the great success of its products and the continuous extension in its range.

With the creation of Conservas Arbeyal, now independent from the parent company, one step further is taken to continue working exclusively dedicated to a range of very successful products in many national and international markets.

Unbeatable patés based on meat prepared in a hand-crafted manner. Different flavours providing delicious patés. You will be delighted by their delicacy and flavour.

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Delightful pate from Conservas Arbeyal of Asturias, as good as any you would make at home. A delightful smooth blend of fragrant Spanish black pudding (morcilla) and liver.

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