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Iberico Bellota Sobrasada 1KG


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Made from the meat of acorn fed ibérico pigs that have fattened up on the dehesa of south western Spain, Sobrasada is a cured, but spreadable chorizo. With a melting texture, nutty sweetness and a pleasant smokiness, it is delicious when drizzled with honey or added to a casserole to give it body and depth.

From Señorio de Montanera, a company based in Badajoz, Extremadura, which was founded by a group of ibérico pig breeders.

Their aim was to create a business that would control each step of the process of producing ibérico ham, from birth to the final product. They specialise in the production of DOP, acorn fed hams.


Sobrasada originates in the Balearic Isles and is a spiced and cured pork and pimentón paste, like a spreadable Chorizo. It is soft enough to top a slice of toasted bread or to stir into a stew.

This sobrasada is from Senorio de Montanera in Extremadura and is produced from acorn fed pigs.  This is a very sweet, gentle Sobrasada, oozing soft and sweet acorn oil.  It is a regal product and will lift any table it is served on.

This is a huge 1KG piece (special purchase)

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