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Mahon – per 200g


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This cheese was originally made from sheep’s milk until English rulers of Menorca in the 18th century experimented with cow´s milk and the recipe as we know it today was born. Whereas Mahón is industrially produced in many cases, our cheeses come from farms with only 40 -50 cows each and are aged in traditional curing rooms under the expert eye of an afinador, who has a lifetime’s experience of bringing cheeses to their optimum quality.


A semi hard unpasteurised cow’s milk cheese, typical to the island of Menorca.

Close textured, salty and full flavoured with a unique aroma from the paprika and oil-rubbed rind. One of the distinctive features of Mahón is the rind, which is rubbed with pimentón and olive oil. The saltiness of the cheese comes from the sea winds blowing over the pastures.


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