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The Merina sheep are grazed on mountain pastures in the natural park above Grazalema.

A very traditional cheese, Payoyo cheese production involves the same methods once employed by the shepherds and goatherds of this particular corner of Cadiz in the Serrania de Ronda. In the factory, the rennet is still made and poured into the moulds by hand.

This Merina breed of sheep is registered as endangered. Cheese from this milk is therefore rare and naturally of limited production. The milk itself is of a very good quality, with high levels of fat and protein, thanks to the amount of rainfall on mountainous Grazalema pastures. The cheese rind is covered in a mixture of lard and wheat germ, a local crop, giving the cheese a very particular and quite piquant flavour.

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This strong pasteurised sheep’s milk cheese is from the Payoyo dairy high in the mountains of the Sierra de Cadiz. The cheese is named after the village in which it is produced, Grazalema. It’s a semi-hard cheese, cured in a coating of pork lard and wheatgerm, giving it a glorious strong flavour, and a slight blue cheese after-taste. It has an intense savoury flavour with hints of caramel, almonds and subtle spiciness. It is aged for up to 18 months.

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