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Jolonch/Vicens milk chocolate – 55% Cocoa, caramelised cinnamon and salt crystals 100g


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Torrons Vicens is a family owned Company based in Urgell’s village of Agramunt (Lleida), known as the origin of the “Torro”(Nougat) and the “Xocolata a la Pedra”(Stone chocolate) and they have been producing Artisanal Nougats or Turrons since 1775 .

During nearly two centuries the Vicens’ Family has been loyal to the production of the artisanal nougat, and specifically to the Agramunt’s nougat.

In 2010 the Company opened it’s first shops in Sitges and La Jonquera and now has more than 30 stores. The Company exports to most countries worldwide and has become a symbol of quality for their customers.


Chocolate bar with 55% cocoa with caramelized cinnamon and salt crystals.  Centuries of Xocolata Jolonch history merge with the creativity of chef Albert Adriá.  Combining tradition and techniques used in fine cuisine these chocolates are made with original textures and very intense flavours.