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Cola Cao


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The classic Spanish brand of hot-chocolate drink is now a worldwide phenomenon. Cola Cao is enjoyed by millions of Spanish children (and adults) every day as part of a breakfast, merienda. Mixes with hot milk to produce a creamy hot-chocolate drink or cold for a wonderful chocolate flavoured milkshake.

It is A unique product that has supported families for generations, giving them energy, nutrition and their favourite taste. It’s unmistakable flavour, it’s delicious bits, it’s foam and it’s aroma make it unique.
It’s made with natural cocoa without any chemical treatment and it’s additive-free.

From Idilia company, a Spanish multinational focused on supplying high-quality, tasty products for breakfast and afternoon snacks for all the family with other wonderful products as Nocilla Original or Nocilla Duo.


Spain’s favourite hot chocolate drink, simply add hot milk, stir and live or relive a Spanish childhood.

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