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Nocilla Duo 650g


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Nocilla Duo is the Spanish version of the well known chocolate and hazelnut spread ‘Nutella’. The Spanish version is much more popular in Spain and is believed to be far superior! This one is the traditional chocolate and hazelnut flavour combined with a white cream flavour.

Whichever way you look at it, this chocolate spread has a divine flavour which keeps you coming back for more. This format is a large plastic tub (about twice the size of the regular glass jar that normally comes in) and represents great value for money.

Spread directly onto your choice of base bread, biscuits etc. or use it for milkshakes or ice cream topping!

From Idilia company, a Spanish multinational focused on supplying high-quality, tasty products for breakfast and afternoon snacks for all the family with other wonderful products as Nocilla Original or Cola Cao.


Ground almond and chocolate spread. Spanish version of Nutella, with white chocolate cream streaked through.

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Product Size: 650g