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Triple Anchovy Selection


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Pujadó Solano offers a wide variety of products from the Cantabrian sea. Using a painstaking and rigorous process to ensure the highest quality texture and flavour, their natural systems guarantee the proper preservation of the product.  The Pujado Solano Anchovy Fillers are prized for their flavour and quality formats.

Likewise, Nardin are one of the most majestic anchovy curers in Spain.  Famed for their very rare cold smoked anchovies – they smoke these small fish in a very similar way to salmon with stunning results.


Maybe the best thing we have in our online shop (or at least Peter thinks so!) – a selection of all 3 of our world-beating anchovies.

The perfect treat or gift for the anchovy lover.  One small fish in three stunning presentations – each one, the absolute best you can get

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Product Size: 3 packets

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