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La Brujula Sardinillas


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All of these sardines are fished in the plankton-rich waters off the coast of Galicia between June and October and processed immediately.
They are prepared by hand and put into wire trays and gently steamed, before being packed by hand into tins, which are filled up with olive oil. they have a firm texture and a mild, deeply agreeable flavour.

This product has been awarded 2 stars in the Great Taste Awards 2016

La Brújula is the Galician fish processing arm of a company called Delgado Selección. Making use of what many would argue is the best raw materials in Spain from the Rias Gallegas, in Galicia, they produce a wide range of seafood which includes cockles and razor clams as well as sardines.


Tiny, baby sardines in olive oil, Between 16-20 in every can, these tiny sardines are full of flavour and have a tenderness which just gives the bite. They are perfect for canapes, or just gorge on them out of the tin for a healthy snack!

La Brujula is one of Spain’s oldest Conservas companies and specialises in sardines, based in Pontevedra, they are in the perfect place to get the best of every catch.

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