Presa Iberica de Bellota (fresh)


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Pack size can vary, typically in the region of IK

Perfect for a BBQ


presa is a shoulder cut of meat; this is the most perfect meat from the acorn fed Iberico pigs. Deep red and marbled with delightful sweet fat (similar appearance to a rib eye steak), with much of the nutty flavour derived form the acorns they feed on. This is quite simply the best and most consistent cut of meat we have ever had. Only now getting discovered outside of Spain. Flash grill and serve rare with a sprinkling of sea salt. from the top end producer Senorio de Montanera, this is as good as it gets.

Additional Information

This is a vacuum packed product; it is dispatched with coolant and insulation and may arrive in a part defrosted state in warm weather or if next day delivery is not possible.  If you require this product for the weekend, please request a Friday arrival.  This product is not suitable for despatch to Highlands and Islands, N. Ireland or Europe.

Once fully defrosted (and kept within its vacuum packaging), use within 7 days

Product Size: 1k approx

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