Monte Enebro & Orange Blossom Honey


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In stock


2 x 90g (aaprox) pieces of Monte Enebro goats cheese

Small pot of Alemany Orange Blossom Honey

Cooking Instructions

Lightly coat the piece of cheese in flour (plain flour is best)

Make an egg wash out of 1 egg and 1 dessert spoon of milk, whisked very well together

After flouring the cheese, dip in the egg wash – making sure it is covered all around

Place in a small sauce pan with approx 7-8cm depth of vegetable Oil, or deep fat fryer at 170C

Fry for approximately 1 minute, until the egg wash batter changes to a light brown, take out of the oil and drain on kitchen roll.

Put on plate, drizzle with honey and enjoy!


One of our most favourite dishes in the restaurant.  Deep fried Monte Enebro, drizzles with orange blossom honey.  Everything you need to easily recreate this dish at home (serves 4).  This is a refrigerated product