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Fresh from our deli counter, this quince paste, known as membrillo, is made from quinces with a little apple pectin, lemon juice and zest and cinnamon, and is made in a large block which makes it ideal for cutting into slices.

It pairs excellently with a salty cheese, especially Manchego cheese, but can also be used in patisserie or some savoury recipes. No gelatine

From El Petit Obrador, just to the west of the city of Barcelona, doing excellent, hand made quince pastes for over a quarter of a century.


Fresh from our deli counter, this is a large 4Kg slab of membrillo made in Catalunya from quince, mace and lemon. Perfect with manchego cheese. No gelatine. This lasts for ages and perfect for the bigger household, parties or delis.

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Product Size: 4Kg