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Socarrada Beer 12 x 330ml


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La Socarrada is a premium golden colour craft beer made with rosemary and rosemary honey, a herb popularly used in the region to flavour dishes such as paella. Termed a “gastro-ale” or food-pairing beer for its excellent interplay with wide variety of different cuisine. Produced in small batches (maximum 2,500 litres every fortnight) in Xativa, Valencia, it has a fresh and crisp aroma and is amber-honey in colour. There are subtle woody hints, followed by rosemary and toasted bread, and finished off with notes of cherry, caramel, pear and black pepper. 6%

Its characteristic rosemary and honey flavor & aroma define it as a gastronomic beer, a beer to eat with.  Awarded in 2012 and 2016 as one of the best flavours of the world by the International Taste & Quality Institute in Brussels (Belgium). Awarded in 2015 with the bronze medal in the South Beer Cup in South America in the spiced & herbal style.

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Product Size: 12 x 330ml