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Rey Silo Massimo – per 200g


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The queseria, based in Pravia in Asturias is rightly renowned throughout Spain as a producer of some oft he world’s most exceptional cow’s milk cheeses.  The cows live in lush pastures characterised by meadows with wildflowers.  Raw (unpasteurised) milk is at the heart of the cheesemaking at Rey Silo. The name Rey Silo itself means “King Silo,” an homage to the king of Asturias in the 700s. Aged in caves along the Nalon River, Rey Silo’s cheeses are delicate and complex, a real expression of the land and versions of some of the oldest classic Spanish cheeses.



Made by the famous  Ernesto and Pascual of the Pravia Artisanal Cheese Factory. A superb example of artisan Asturian cheese made from unpasteurised cow’s milk, with a 2-3 month maturing that gives it a flavour in perfect balance. Medium soft textured but with a strong lactic flavour similar to Caerphilli.  Superb with our chestnut and orange blossom honey

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Product Size: 200g

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Milk (unpasteurised)