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Padron Peppers have become the Spanish food sensation. No self-respecting Spanish tapas bar would leave them off the menu.  Originally, grown just in Galicia, with a natural season of late June to September, they are now grown all year round, in greenhouses and throughout Spain.  The fertile soil of Galicia and the cooler, damper weather conditions are perfect for growing products Padrón peppers.

Padrón peppers were brought back from South America by Spanish monks in the 16th century. 400 years later and the peppers are no longer grown by monks but by locals, generation after generation. Padronians have adopted the traditional methods and embraced modern technology to offer a superior quality product to Spanish and UK consumers.

Padrón peppers can be consumed as part of a healthy diet. A handful of Padrón peppers count as one of the five recommended daily portions of fruit and vegetables. Their non-calorific value makes them an ideal snack.

However, the fascinating peculiarity of Padrón peppers is the Russian Roulette effect. One in so many (it really varies over the year, contains a particularly spicy one. Because it is impossible to distinguish the hot pepper from the milder pods, eating a portion of Padrón peppers is popularly linked to the Russian roulette game. The Spanish saying: “Pimiento de Padrón, pequeño pero matón”, which translates roughly as “Padrón Pepper, a teeny-weeny thug”, may give you some idea as to what you might expect when you enjoy a portion of these small green peppers.


The freshest Padron peppers delivered weekly direct from Padron. Famously, occasionally hot, these are the fastest growing food export from Spain.

Serve traditionally, flash fried in olive oil with a sprinkling of sea salt. Often referred to as Russian Roulette, whilst most of the peppers are sweet and mild, the occasional one is fiercely spicy.

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