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Olive bowl – Classic Spanish range


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This beautiful earthenware is produced by a small family run business located in the south-eastern Almeria region of Spain.

Over the generations, they have developed a very specific and stylish way of making their tabletop ceramics. The terracotta clay item is dipped in a white base clay paint then the artist will “draw” the design on the piece by carving into the white coating and into the clay, leaving an indented imprint of the design. Each piece is then finished by hand-painting it with rich and contrasting colours.

Each piece is signed by the artist and finally, the items are glazed and fired in the kiln.

This production style is completely unique and as they are hand painted and finished each piece is unique.

The range is dishwasher, oven and microwave safe (however we recommend handwashing the item with care). Buy other Kitchen & Homeware products in our store.


This hand painted olive dish has a large bowl for the olives and two small pots for stones and cocktail sticks.  They come in a range of 4 designs.  Please advise in the notes section of checkout if you want a particular design.

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Product Size: 13cm tall