Deli Vegan Treat Pack


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If you have ever fancied trying a plant based diet, then this pack is for you.  Full of the most wonderful Spanish vegetable treats.  You won’t miss meat at all.  Each item can be enjoyed on its own or combined with other goodies in the pack, or store cupboard staples at home to create fabulous and nutritious meals.  A wonderful  selection of our premium deli products.

Typically, they will include:

  • caramelised red peppers
  • roasted artichoke hearts
  • Santo Domingo pimenton
  • Piquillo Peppers
  • Mojo sauce (try over boiled or baked new potatoes)
  • Moscatel Wine Vinegar
  • Navarrico Alubias (soft haricot style beans) – mix with shredded piquillo peppers, olive oil, moscatel vinegar and parsley for a glorious salad
  • Perello Olives
  • Olive Oil Crisps
  • Choricero Puree
  • Gnocchi (use with the fritada, some artichokes and a spoon of the Choricero Puree with a glorious meal)
  • Fritada tomato sauce
  • Piquillo Pepper Marmalade
  • Spanish thick hot chocolate powder (simply mix with hot vegan milk)
  • Tortas de Aceite olive oil biscuits
  • Hawkshead Relish jam