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Damm Lemon (12 x 330ml)


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MDamm Lemon is made with fabulous Spanish lemons, cloudy Limon (lemonade) and roughly 6 parts Estrella Damm/Moritz  to 4 parts lemon. The current stockholding will be dispatched Рthis varies continually.


Damm Lemon (3.2%), together with Moritz Radler are the very best shandys you will have. Made with fabulous Spanish lemons, cloudy Limon (lemonade).

6 parts Estrella Dammto 4 parts lemon. Many years ago, the ingenuity of an anonymous Mediterranean barman created the shandy. A recipe that has become a tradition and typically mixes 6 parts beer with 4 parts lemon. Years later, Damm decided to make a top-quality shandy using the traditional recipe. The result was Damm Lemon. Shandy made with the best ingredients, 6 parts Estrella Damm and 4 parts Mediterranean lemons and a slight touch of lime to make it even more refreshing. 3.2%

12 x 330ml

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Product Size: 12 x 330ml