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Cafe Saula Premium 4kg Coffee Beans


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Café Saula, makers of this wonderful coffee, were established in 1950 by Lluís Saula Pons and are based in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Barcelona. Café Saula have always believed that quality is at the forefront of great taste and have many awards to prove it!

All great coffee starts with the beans and to ensure the highest quality Cafe Saula prides itself on the meticulous selection of the best berries from four varieties of Arabica coffee selected from small mountainside plantations.  However there are fruits at different stages of ripeness on each plant and getting a truly great taste means harvesting the coffee when the fruit is at the perfect point of ripeness so Cafe Saula know harvesting by hand is the only way to ensure that the beans are at the required standard.

For their Premium Organic ground and whole bean coffee, the “Organically Farmed Coffee” stamp guarantees that the crop has been grown in the country of origin without chemical fertilisers, using biological methods that help to care for the environment. Using the finest grade of beans, Cafe Saula also rely on traditional methods to ensure the best aroma, taste and colour.

The roasted beans are then air-cooled to lock in all the taste and aroma before being sealed in specially designed containers.
The maturation process then matures the beans at the ideal temperature for at least 3 weeks, so the beans bring out all of their subtle organoleptic properties ensuring the coffee becomes wonderfully flavourful and aromatic. Finally, each batch of coffee undergoes vigorous taste tests to ensure that every single cup has the perfect aroma, taste and colour before being carefully packed in airtight, metal containers to prevent oxidization.

With a special 7 stage process of ensuring the cleanest and best prepared coffee beans, they select only the best Arabica beans from Columbia, roast them in Barcelona and ship exclusively to Lunya in the UK.  We use it in our restaurant and deli and we are the ultimate coffee snobs – no other is good enough fo


Fabulous 100% Arabica coffee beans from Colombia, roasted in Barcelona, for a rich, smooth yet strong cup of coffee, with no hint of bitterness. Winner of the 2013 Double Gold Great Taste Awards. One of the very best coffees in the world. We sell the beans in a 250g tin and a fantastic 4Kg vacuum sealed and branded tin, ready to use in commercial grinders.

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