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Complot IPA (12 x 330ml)


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In the late 18th century, India was an English colony. The long ship journeys and extreme temperatures meant that the beer reserves loaded to satisfy the English troops were often spoiled. The master beer-makers of the era had the idea to add more hops in the recipe and increase the alcohol content with the intention of improving the beer’s conservation. They  achieved it and thus was born a new style of beer


An amber-coloured beer, with delicate hints of copper and orange. Its intense notes of hops define the personality of this Mediterranean version of the classic IPA style craft beer from the crewers of Estrella Damm. Aromas of ripe fruit and tropical citrus notes that reinforce its freshness

COMPLOT IPA is a limited edition beer, whose production is linked to the hop harvest

COMPLOT IPA is an intense beer with hints of tropical and citrus fruits. A beer that pairs perfectly wih tasty meals like the latest generation of gourmet hamburgers, grilled meat and blue cheeses

12 x 330ml


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Product Size: 12 x 330ml

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