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Chilli Infused Olive Oil – La Chinata


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La Chinata Chilli Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil is perfect for those who love intense and spicy flavours. It’s elaborated with our best extra virgin olive oil and a selection of chilli with great quality that add great taste and aroma to any kind of dishes. It is specially recommended to consume in cold or warm temperature, to keep all its properties and aroma, but also, it’s a good accompaniment for hot dishes, if it is used at the end of cooking, as final touch to avoid it gets high temperature.

It adds a great taste to pasta dishes, salads “gulas”, prawns, white cheeses, vegetables and chicken, also, it can be used in much more dishes but, always measuring the used quantity; depending on the intensity of spiciness we want to add.

It is important to note that chilli is a great antioxidant and strengthen our defences, and, even, it helps to heal the wounds. It also enhances the absorption of iron in the body and it has a high content in minerals, specially phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium, folic acid and beta-carotene. It’s a healthy and natural product that adds a great aroma to your dishes.


La Chinata flavoured oils add garlic, lemon, basil, mushroom or chlili, to Extra Virgin Olive Oil with its numerous properties. They allow the oils to infuse for at least a month. In this way they create artisanal oils with an attractive aroma that gives an exclusive touch to any recipes. Great to use as dips or to use in salads, sauces, rice or pasta, to dress salads and vegetables or for meat, fish, pizzas, game or shellfish.

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