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Alemany Honey Pot


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The Alemany mountain honey is harvested in the late summer in Catalonia, where the bees have been feeding on the wild herbs and flowers in the foothills of the Pyrenees. The result is a runny amber coloured honey with an intense floral aroma and a gently sweet flavour with a hint of saltiness. An excellent all round honey in a hand made ceramic pot.

Alemany has its origins in the domestic production of honey in the 19th century.

The company was created in the 1970s, precisely when Miquel Alemany i Hospital took the decision to set up a honey packaging plant in order to expand his turrón (almond candy) factory. The company was actually founded thanks to the gradual rise in activity in the previous years, mainly because it went from selling only locally to selling all over Catalonia.

Five generations later, still based in the mountains of Catalonia, they continue to produce excellent honeys but are also one of the finest producers of turrones in Spain.



This honey is collected from mountain blossoms such as holm oak and pine, resulting in a honey that is soft on the tongue but with an intense aromatic flavour. It is a beautiful terracotta clay pot

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