Cookware Care Instructions

Thank you for your recent purchase of cookware from Lunya.  All of our cookware is authentic, traditional Spanish cookware.  If looked after, it will give you years of use, just as it has for millions of Spaniards over the years.  Please read this carefully to ensure you get the best out of your cookware.

Paella Pans
These are made of steel so will rust unless you take care of them.  Before you use it, wash in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly and then rub all over with kitchen roll dipped in cooking oil.  Then, use it as you would any frying pan.

To clean it, try and wash it as soon as you can after using it, before food gets too stuck on it. You can use metal scouring pads, but it is best left to build up a natural ‘patina’ and just washing in warm soapy water and using a gentle sponge scourer.  Dry thoroughly and rub all over with oil – store in a dry cupboard.  When you come to use it next, just rinse in warm soapy water to remove the oil covering if it has gone sticky.

Never:  put it in a dish washer or leave to soak in water.

If you get rust on it, just wash in warm soapy water, dry and rub with cooking oil. Rust is natural on paella pans and you will get it off through washing, drying and rubbing with oil.

Terracotta Cazuelas
Soak overnight in cold water – this helps preserve it.  Also every 6 months, re-soak them (or more often if you use them frequently).  You can use these in the oven, on a gas burner, electric ring or halogen ring.

Always heat the cazuela up slowly (do not put it straight on the hottest setting – build up to that), and always put some oil in or whatever you are cooking – and then apply heat.  The cazuela will crack if you do not do this.  They still often crack through heating if they have had a knock etc.  Keeping to these simple rules should help preserve the life of your terracotta.  Wash them as you would any other kitchenware.

Olive Wood
Never put them in the dishwasher, nor leave them soaking in water in a sink/bowl.  Always wipe them with a damp cloth and a spray of antibacterial cleaner or a dot of washing up liquid.  Dry, and occasionally rub them lightly with olive oil or vegetable oil to restore the colour and finish.

Thank you

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