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Padro Blanco Vermouth


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A vermouth inspired by the Padro winery’s our desire to make a vermouth enhanced with the Mediterranean citrus aromas that are so intrinsic to the area around their winery.

On the nose: Aromatically intense and very pleasant. Memories of sweet herbs such as star anise, lemon verbena, quina and angelica. Both well-balanced and complex.

Onthe mouth: An elegant, smooth, refined and well-rounded palate with a slight sweetness, and also a certain bitterness. An elegant and citrus fruit finish ensures freshness and a superb aftertaste giving this vermouth a gourmet touch.

All presented in a beautifully decorated bottle


Vermouth (or Vermut as it is called in Catalunya) has taken Spain by storm in recent years.  It has become the drink for your Sunday morning stroll, or for those in the know, anytime!