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Miller’s Elements Fire Crackers


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The Fine Cheese Co. is a maturer, wholesaler, retailer and exporter of artisan British cheeses, most of which are unpasteurised and all of which are traditionally made. Based in historic Bath, in the heart of the English West Country, the home of the most famous of British cheeses: Cheddar. Cheese specialists for twenty years, The Fine Cheese Co. has been owned and run from the beginning by Ann-Marie Dyas. A judge at both the British and World Cheese Awards, Ann-Marie is committed to the survival of traditional cheese-making, and to introducing farmhouse cheeses to as wide a public as possible. Their dedicated and unique ranges of Crackers (made by their sister Company, Artisan Biscuits), are made by hand with the best quality natural ingredients.


Oak-smoked Flour and red Chilli Crackers for cheese, pâtés and dips Oak-smoked flour and red hot chilli in a cracker that more than lives up to its name. Smoky and fiery, with a coarse and crumbly texture