Case of Spanish Crisps


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The handcrafted process used by El Valle Snacks to create these crisps results in the highest quality product. The best ingredients are selected directly from the fields to be processed with expertise and innovation, ensuring that the final product will always have a unique and exceptional flavour. The picture illustrates the variety of flavours, not the number of bags of crisps


El Valle crisps are simply the best.  made to traditional methods and imported exclusively by Lunya to the UK.  This box contains 6 bags of 120g packets selected from: Olive Oil & Sea Salt, Huevo Frito (Fried Egg), Huevo Frito con Chorizo (Fried Egg and Chorizo), Campesinas Crisps, Chicken Tikka Masala and Jamon Crisps (Serrano Ham). Plus Pipers best flavours too


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Product Size: 5 x 130g (approx weight) bags