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Brindisa Arbequina Oil 1L


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An extra virgin olive oil produced in Navarra, the most northerly commercial growing area in Spain. The oil is made with 100% Arbequina olives, a variety best known in Catalonia. The finished oil is sweet and grassy with hints of green tomato and a lightly peppery aftertaste.

The name comes from the village of Arbeca in the comarca of the Les Garrigues.

Produced by Agrícola La Maja, a family business that was founded in 1997 for olive cultivation and the production and sale of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Because of the careful work that Agrícola La Maja carries out from the actual planting of olive groves to subsequent fruit collection, together with throughout the entire oil production process and during storage and packaging, enables the company to obtain oil of exceptional quality.


Fabulous all rounder Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Estate grown olives are crushed producing a golden oil with almondy, fruity flavours. This is a great multi-purpose oil.

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