Temporary closure of our restaurants (delis and online stay open)

Never in a million years when we started Lunya did I ever think that I would have to write such a post. We have made the very difficult decision tonight that from Thursday, we are going to temporarily close the restaurants and bars until it is safe to do so after this crisis, and the Government changes its advice for people going out.  The delis, as part of the essential food stores in the UK, will remain open to supply as much of our usual range of food as possible, together with some new additions.  We will be open today, Wednesday until 7pm, with all of the safety measures in place to have as safe a visit as possible, which we have been doing all week. Social distancing is easy to maintain in our space right now!

Our staff are very concerned about maintaining their own good health and we cannot ignore the Government advice which is getting stronger by the day to only do those things which are essential.  It is with a profoundly heavy heart that we do this.  We have experienced the most enormous drop in trade this week. We have been helped along by the incredible support of our customers visiting, ordering online, buying from the deli and buying vouchers.  All of these things enable us to pay our wonderful staff a little longer.  The Government’s announcements today sound helpful and we’re waiting to see the detail to determine what impact they will have on us and our staff.  It is a privilege to own and lead Lunya, to provide jobs for over 100 people and to serve you, our fabulous customers.  It is with such a heavy heart that we do this.  We know it will impact on the finances of so many of our staff; we know it raises huge questions of how we will ever economically recover from this.

But we are determined to be around for a long time to come.  We plan to be around as much as we possibly can.  It’s not easy.  We have elderly parents needing support, some of you will know that Elaine is undergoing investigations for Thyroid cancer and we have 100 colleagues and friends that we want to keep in employment and paying as much as we can. We are not short of determination, ideas and hard work, as well as trying to look after ourselves in this.  We will come through.

Remember, we are open on Wednesday. From Thursday 19th March, whilst the restaurant and bars sides are closed, the deli is open, we will be doing meal deliveries in Liverpool and Manchester which you can order and collect or we can deliver to you (think trays of our albondigas, pollo al moro, croquetas to heat up at home). We will be extending our range. You will be able to buy bags of the amazing prawns we serve in the restaurant, plus much more. AND each day, we will make a big dish to portion up, order and deliver/collect.  Think Lunya’s Shepherds Pie, Lasagne, Chilli con Carne, bangers and mash.  Let us know what else you would like to see, They will be fantastic and comforting and help you through the isolation we are all going to experience for months.  We will do this as long as it is safe to do so.  Keep an eye for further emails, our social media and website for how we will do this.  We aim to start by the weekend. We will trial a mobile deli where we may bring our van to you. we will be doing virtual cheese and wine tastings over the internet to relieve the boredom of social distancing, an online food and drink quiz. we’re thinking of all sorts! Give us a few days to get it all in place.

Above all, be safe and look after yourself and loved ones.  We have been overwhelmed with the support and love we have received.  We have a strong and fantastic team who are really pulling together.

If you can support us by visiting the deli, ordering online, ordering our food to go, buying a voucher for the future, it would be forever appreciated.  We can’t wait to serve you again in the restaurant and share a drink together.  Thank you and stay healthy.  Hasta pronto and much love! Peter & Elaine x