Trias Especial 8 300g


A selection of traditional almond based Catalan biscuits in 300gr box. A perfect variety of textures to enjoy!

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Especial 8 is an elegant selection for all biscuit lovers. Perfect to be served as an on the go snack, at tea time, or for an after dinner treat with coffee. Sweet, clean almond flavours with a variety of textures to enjoy from the soft smooth praline paste of the Neulet, to the toothsome bite of the Crocant.

Joaquim Trias i Vila started making cakes and biscuits in 1908 in the market town of Coloma de Farners, Catalonia. Today, his heirs are still in the same place making biscuits to authentic recipes. Always with high proportions of almonds and free from additives.

Trias exclusive biscuits are made to unique recipes dating from 1908. Almonds are truly the star ingredient in all their baking giving a distinctive character to each of the varieties that they produce.
Their success is guaranteed with the exclusive selection of 100% natural, top-quality of their ingredients and detail for unique and inimitable flavours.

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