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Quaranta berries and white choc nougat roll


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Quaranta berries & white chocolate nougat. – soft Italian Nougat with berries and delicious white chocolate – soft, melt-in-the-mouth. This is gluten free and suitable for Vegetarians.

The nougat story of the Quaranta family begins in Caravaggio in 1924, the birthplace of the famous painter Michelangelo Merisi, called “Il Caravaggio”. It is almost a century of tradition and dedication.

The founder Antonio Quaranta, together with his wife Alzira, was a passionate artisanal producer of nougat and other typical, traditional sweets from Cremona and Bergamo, among which are candy floss, brittle and the special carob honey nougat. A small laboratory in the heart of Caravaggio was the place that gave birth to the recipe book bearing precise details on amounts and ingredients, some of which are still used in production nowadays: after almost 100 years, our original recipe 101 of the almond soft nougat has never changed!

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Quaranta country berries and delicious white chocolate nougat. Quaranta nougat is based on Sofficiona, the highest possible quality of Italian nougat. This is gluten free and suitable for Vegetarians.