PX Paula Coll Sherry Vinegar


Regal, aged PX balsamic – best there is. A remarkable vinegar. Sweet, roast aromas with a little woody smokiness from the oak barrels it is aged in. Well balanced and mellow. Aged for 25 years, unfiltered so some sediment is normal.

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Buy PX Paula Coll Sherry Vinegar online. One of finest sherry vinegar produced in Spain.

Produced in strictly limited quantities with Pedro Ximenez variety sherry made by a company with nearly 300 years of experience, it is aged during 25 years in an oak barrel at Ximenez Spínola cellar (Jerez), allowing it time to develop remarkably complex flavours of dried figs, plums and raisins with smoky hints. The vinegar is extracted directly from the barrel with no posterior treatments.

Name after their great-grandmother Paula Coll: a legacy of values and wisdom.

From Oleum Flumen Catalan company, which name dates back to the Romans when, in around 500BC, they crossed the River Ebro and, seeing the rows of olive trees which bordered the river, called the area “Oleum Flumen” meaning “river of oil”.
Alchemy and sustainability are united in the creation and production of their extra virgin olive oil, vinegar and gourmet products.

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