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Pheasant Pate with Truffle & Port


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Pheasant Pate with Truffle & Port from El Taller Gastronomico is one of a range of game pates from Toledo in central Spain, this is made using Pheasant meat and pork liver with the addition of truffle.

El Taller Gastronomico is a company located in the Montes de Toledo and, more specifically, in Los Yébenes, which produces this product from pieces from hunts from the area that, after passing the strictest quality controls, are prepared by hand for your delight.

Can be opened easily on both sides and it is high in protein and free from artificial colours.

This Pheasant Pate with Truffle pair perfectly with red wines, like the reserves and the wines of La Rioja. In a slice of bread on its own, or accompanied with jams and preserves like of blueberries, raspberries, tomatoes, peppers etc … it is simply stunning. The Port, like other liquors used in gastronomy, provide aroma and flavour to the recipe.


One of a range of delightfully presented game pates from Toledo in central Spain. A wonderfully flavoursome pate with subtle flavouring of truffle.

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