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Olivar De La Luna EVO


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Olive Oil produced in Cordoba, Andalucia by a small producer dedicated to the cultivation of organic, sustainable oils using Nevadillo Blanco olives (a variation of the indigenous Picual variety).

The oil is clean and fresh tasting, it has hints of citrus with some pepper on the finish. Olivar de la Luna is a very fruity oil with hints of olive, notes of other fruits like apples and almonds, and nuances of freshly cut grass. In the mouth it is long, soft and sweet, leaving a slightly bitter taste on the palate representative of the fruit it comes from.

This product has been awarded with 2 stars in the Great Taste Awards 2016.

Olivar de la Luna is a very small producer of organic olive oils based in Andalucia. They set up in business in 2000 with the aim of making small quantities of high quality, sustainably cultivated, olive oil using local olive varieties.


From Cordoba, pure, clean organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Navadillo Blanco olives produced under organic and biodynamic principles and picked under the moonlight to ensure cool olives in the perfect condition are used for the oil – as good as it gets.

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