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Mala Gissona Hofn Porter 12 x 330ml


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Höfn, Icelandic for a ‘Port’, is a dark, medium bodied Porter.  Porters are dark brown coloured beer characterised by medium maltiness, chocolate, caramel and toffee aromas with very little bitterness.  Hofn is made with Fuggle and Admiral hops, Pale Ale, Crystal, Chocolate and Roasted malts plus additional flaked oats.

Roasted and malty aromas are replicated on the flavour side together with hints of chocolate; a light bitterness balances its medium body and mouthfeel. Try drinking with berberechos, grilled meats with vegetables, mild blue cheeses, sweet pastry, biscuits and sponge cakes.

Basque brewer Mala Gissona is based in San Sebastian. Inspired by the local seafarers, they are particularly drawn to the Basque whalers who have ventured around Iceland since, at least, 1412. The colloquial translation of Mala Gissona is ‘sweaty bollocks’, derived from the name that Icelanders gave the Basque fisherman after 6 months at sea!

12 x 330ml bottles 5.1%

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Product Size: 12 x 330ml

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