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Limoncello Gift Set with 2 Hand-painted cups 70cl


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This is a truly lovely and memorable gift.

The gift set features an award-winning 70cl bottle of quality Limoncello from the Antica Distilleria Petrone in the Bay of Naples area and two authentic, handmade limoncello beakers. Perfect for sipping this wonderful liqueur.  The Limoncello is full of bright citrus notes with a sparkling-fresh, invigorating taste.

If you’ve ever visited the Bay of Naples area, Sorrento or the Amalfi Coast, chances are you’ll have experienced the wonderful local Limoncello in some form or another. The coastal area of Campania is home to some of the finest and most aromatic lemons in the world and it’s no coincidence that this lemon liqueur has become synonymous with the area.
This limoncello is prepared by the Antica Distilleria Petrone from Mondragone, just north of Naples. In 2011, the Petrone Limoncello was chosen by a select panel of international experts to represent Italy around Europe as part of the Excellence in Food programme.
It is based on a 130 year old recipe and uses only quality, natural ingredients including IGP lemons from Sorrento. These lemons have a higher natural content of essential oils which gives a particularly vivacious and refreshing lemon flavour.
100% Natural!