Lemon & Thyme Sea Salt


Large sea salt crystals with lemon peel and thyme – lovely on steak, popcorn and all sorts of other uses.

Product Size 50g

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From Wildly Delicious, their company was built on one very simple idea. The idea, that sharing a meal with friends, a colleague or family builds memories. Smell, taste, colour and texture are all components of a memory that we can carry with us for a lifetime. You could say that Wildly Delicious are memory makers.

In November of 1994, Michelle and Austin Muscat created their first infused oils and vinegar out of their kitchen in a Toronto neighbourhood. The possibility that they might have also been setting the stage for a brand that would be recognized globally might have been beyond their wildest dreams. However, the same culinary innovation and drive to exceed customer expectations they possessed then is what Wildly Delicious required to become a leader in the speciality food market today.

Check all the range of Wildly Delicious in Lunya as Balsamic Vinegar (Wildly Delicious FigWildly Delicious Black Maple Magic and Wildly Delicious Black Raspberry) or the Brie Bakers.

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