Lauenstein 100g Ginger Specialities


Lauenstein Chocolate Coated Candied Ginger Sticks Assortment Box with dark chocolate, white chocolate and plain sticks

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Buy Lauenstein 100g Ginger Specialities online from the Lunya Deli.

The brand “Confiserie Lauenstein” is synonymous for the highest level of skilfully manufactured truffles and chocolate

Committed to the legacy of the traditional and unique art of handiwork.
With meticulously precision and genuine passion, they shape and decorate truffles and filled chocolates by hand. Ingredients of the highest quality, such as creamy nougat, fresh cream, crispy almonds, exquisite spices and melt-in-the-mouth chocolate.

Their chocolate is composed of the fines cocoa, or as the ancient Maya called it, a gift from the gods. This name is a seal of approval for connoisseurs and chocoholics all over the world because they can feel the love that went into preparing their products. And, more importantly, they can taste it.

For almost 50 years, Lauenstein confectioners, at the foot of Lauenstein Castle in Bavaria’s Franconian Forest, has been producing exquisite, hand-made truffles and pralines using traditional family recipes. The firm’s chocolatiers use artisanal methods and top quality premium ingredients – from creamy nougat and fresh cream to crispy almonds, exotic spices and smooth chocolate.

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